Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is NutriProfits affiliate program?

NutriProfits is an affiliate program that allows its partners to earn fees from referred purchases of brand name products in the Health and Beauty category.

2. Who can become a partner?

Every person or company interested in selling products offered by NutriProfits. A full list of products can be found here.

3. Do I have to sign a contract?

No. To become a partner of NutriProfits, simply fill in the registration form and accept Terms of Use of the program.

4. How much does it cost to become a partner?

Nothing. The program is absolutely free to join and participate. And NutriProfits will pay you for each generated sale!

5. When will my earned fees be paid out?

Accumulated fees are paid out on a monthly basis on 21st day of each month (or the next business day in case of a holiday) for the sales generated in a previous month. To be eligible for payout, you need to accumulate a minimum of 80 GBP or 100 EUR or 120 USD or 400 PLN in referral fees.

6. How can I promote NutriProfits products?

NutriProfits products can be promoted using affiliate links and banners found in the administration panel. Simply place these affiliate links or banners on your website, make them visible to the visitors and encourage clicks.

7. Do I need a website?

Not necessarily. Affiliate links and banners can be promoted in social media (such as Facebook), forums or blogs (in comments) as well as in email campaigns.

8. How much is the fee?

The fee is from 20% to 40%.

9. At what point is the fee recorded?

The fee is recorded when a product sold through an affiliate link or banner has been shipped to a customer.

10. What is happening with the fee if a customer does not finalize a transaction?

In this case, the fee will be deducted from your current account balance and the next payout will be reduced by this amount.

11. How can I pay out the funds?

The following methods are available to pay out accumulated funds:

  • bank transfer.

12. Will I also earn fees from returning customers?

Yes. Each customer referred by you is permanently bound to your account. If whenever in the future the person makes another purchase you will receive a fee.

13. Can I promote offers using email campaigns?

Yes, but only if your mailing list consists of people who expressed their consent to receive marketing communication from you. Sending email campaigns to people who have not expressed their consent is treated as spam and is against the Terms of Use of NutriProfits. Affiliates who use spam in their promotion will have their accounts closed.

14. Can I earn money by recommending NutriProfits to others?

Yes. It is possible. Register for the program, download your affiliate link and promotional materials. Place them on your website, send them by e-mail to your friends or recommend the program in a different way (for example on message boards).

You’ll permanently get up to 10% commission from sales of each person recommended by you, who registers at NutriProfits and starts to earn.

15. What happens when you have more than one website?

This is not a problem. You can promote NutriProfits products on multiple websites. There is no limit.

16. Do I have to be living in Europe?

No. NutriProfits is an international program accepting partners from all over the world.

17. How can I track generated sales?

Tracking sales takes place in the NutriProfits administration panel, where you have access to detailed statistics of your account.

18. Can I improve search engine ranking of my website to increase sales?

Yes, but you must not use name / brand keywords of products available in NutriProfits. When mass positioning efforts for product name keywords are detected, your account in the program may be suspended.

19. Will I get my account suspended if my website have organically ranked high for product name keywords?

No, we will not block partner accounts, whose websites are so strong and well-targeted that they achieve high rankings for such keywords in a natural manner.

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