The Best Traffic Sources at NutriProfits - Maximize Your Earnings!

Last updated October 2023

When it comes to successful affiliate marketing, there’s no denying the importance of generating traffic. After all, if no one is seeing your links, they won’t be able to click and buy through them either.

There are a million ways to improve your affiliate marketing success, but in this article, we are going to focus specifically on actionable insights to improve your earning potential. We also refresh these strategies annually based on new statistics and best practices, so you can be confident that you are getting up-to-date information for your website.

Now, let’s dive into how to successfully generate traffic for your affiliate marketing.

Unlocking the Power of Traffic Generation

Affiliate marketing has two purposes: first, to let your audience know that the products exist; and second, to get them to purchase your products. The two feed into each other since you can’t purchase a product you know nothing about.

Traffic generation is the ability to get the product in front of people - so it’s important to highlight the traffic sources that get the best results. Keep in mind that your results will vary based on your skill level, how large your audience is, and the resources you have to drive traffic toward your website, and by extension, your NutriProfits affiliate link.

Here are some of the most effective sources of traffic generation for NutriProfits affiliates:

Using a mix of traffic sources is ideal. It can get the products in front of a wider audience. That said, it takes considerable time and effort to learn the unique challenges and benefits of each one, so it’s best to start with 1-2 as a good starting point and increase if/when you feel comfortable with the platform.

1. Social Traffic: From Likes to Earnings

When you’re considering a new purchase, do you buy it immediately, or do you research it first? Chances are that you take a look at reviews to see what people are saying about the product.

The desire to know what others think about a product before making a purchase is called social proof, and here’s why it’s important:

No matter what form of advertising you choose, here are some general guidelines:

Social networks have become a ubiquitous part of our digital landscape, attracting billions of users worldwide. Recent data from 2023, as shown in a graphic, underscores the immense global reach of social networks, highlighting their unprecedented impact on our interconnected world.

Depending on the age/demographics of your target audience, you may choose different social media platforms to promote your NutriProfits-related content. Read on for current, detailed information about the demographics of each popular social media platform!

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most popular social media platform, making it sought-after by marketers. Worldwide, Facebook is extremely popular due to its ease of use, variety of features, and convenient messaging and sharing options. These same convenient sharing options make it a great platform for social media marketers, as it’s easy for the right content to be sent from user to user, broadening its reach.

Here are some Facebook stats to consider:

Here’s ad-specific info about Facebook:

TikTok Ads

TikTok has taken the social media world by storm with its extremely advanced algorithm, engaging short-form content, and effective ads that blend right into the videos that users are used to seeing on their For You Page (FYP). Users on TikTok are often primed to explore and learn new things, which makes them a great audience to target with digital advertising.

Here are some TikTok stats to consider:

Here’s ad-specific info about TikTok:

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads are extremely visual, so catching someone’s attention with your graphic or photo of choice is key. Captions are largely hidden from view, even on ads, so those first few words count – but if you capture the user’s attention, you may be able to keep it long enough to get them to click away from their friend’s vacation photos and onto your website.

Here are some Instagram stats to consider:

Here’s some ad-specific info about Instagram:

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest, like Google, often functions as a search algorithm, with people looking for everything from workout routines to weight loss advice. Like with Google Ads, the people you target with Pinterest Ads are likely on that platform in order to search for a solution to a problem they are experiencing or to build a dream of what life will be like when they achieve their goals.

Here are some Pinterest stats to consider:

Here’s some ad-specific info about Pinterest:

Since the average age women get pregnant in the US is 30, Pinterest is a very good option to advertise family planning pills offered by NutriProfits. Their demographic is mostly women, and they fall within the average age range. NuviaLab Female Fertility and Prenatalin would be great options, especially if you’re targeting a 30-something woman who enjoys using Pinterest and is planning a family!

2. Google Ads: Strategy to Success

Google Ads are one of the most long-standing types of digital advertising, and it’s not hard to see why. This is a great kind of marketing for when your customers are out there searching for what you offer, as opposed to scrolling through content on their favorite social media platform. After all, who doesn’t use Google to search for some sort of solution on a daily basis?

Here are Google stats that may interest you:

Here are some ad-specific stats for Google:

If you are planning to promote the products via Google Ads it is crucial to select suitable keywords. Google Keyword Planner can be a useful tool to help you find the phrases that your potential audience is searching for in Google. For instance, if you’re planning on promoting Testolan offer to the English-speaking audience, some keywords that are worth considering include:

It's important to remember that inserting an affiliate link directly into your Google Ads campaign isn't the optimal approach. Instead, it's advisable to create a pre-landing page and incorporate the affiliate links there. This ensures a more seamless customer journey, which might follow this path:

3. Mobile Traffic: Your Path to Success

About 60% of website visitors are on mobile devices, so it’s important to make sure your site works well on all screen sizes. Websites that are poorly designed for mobile can contain intrusive or disproportional elements that can interfere with the user experience (UX) of the website. This has a direct impact on your traffic and could result in high cart abandonment rates and high bounce rates, among other issues.

If you’ve got a website that’s not mobile-friendly, it could be costing you money. Mobile conversions have seen a recent surge and are now sitting at a comfortable 2.49%. With NutriProfits, specifically, 77% of all conversions happen on a mobile browser. That can add up to a lot of revenue!

To encourage as much mobile traffic as possible, you’ll need to think about a few things. A good page loading speed is critical, as even a two-second delay can lead to website abandonment rates of up to 87%. Landing pages are another consideration, as forms should be easy for mobile users to enter their information into and simple and seamless to click through.

Mobile-responsive design is another consideration, and here are some web builder options:

WordPress is the priciest option of the three, but it’s a clear winner in its ability to adapt to different screen sizes, mobile responsiveness, and ease of use. Sometimes formatting issues can crop up with Squarespace and Wix, and that can detract from the user experience.

4. Organic Traffic: Strategies for Success

While advertising has an almost immediate effect on your bottom line, organic traffic (and SEO) are more of a slow boil. It typically takes about six months to see the positive effects of creating content (and could take up to a year), but it’s important to remember that being consistent can pay off!

Here are some of the benefits of SEO for organic traffic:

When you start pursuing SEO as a way to generate results, be intentional about what you are targeting. While nearly everyone uses Google, not everyone who needs a solution you offer is likely to convert on the first click.

Here’s some information on the best converting niches for NutriProfits and how you might want to target each one:

1) Weight loss - Weight Loss category has always been at the absolute top in NutriProfits. No other category comes even close to the sales levels generated by products supporting healthy body weight. When people are trying to lose weight for good, they’re looking for answers to their health problems that are sustainable and effective, just like NutriProfits offers.

2) Male enhancement - Regardless of the season, male enhancement offers are always proving great results to our affiliates. According to statistics, a large percentage of customers decide to make another purchase. Considering that we offer commission also from returning customers, promoting male enhancement offers is likely to turn into a profitable business.

3) Hair loss - Both men and women often struggle with hair loss at various stages of life. That is why products this category are in a big demand on the market.

4) Bodybuilding - From hobbyists to professionals, bodybuilders are serious about their craft and always looking for ways to improve. That’s why our supplements from this category enjoy such a popularity.

If you’re looking to convert people ASAP to start bringing in affiliate revenue, these are the niches that are most likely to deliver success.

5. Push Notifications: A Path to Conversions

Push notifications are app alerts that work even when the app isn’t open to update users about new messages, offers, etc. They can have a unique edge over some of the traditional forms of advertising, especially if you use optimized messaging sources and AI to do the heavy lifting.

Here are some things to keep in mind about push notifications:

Here are some helpful platforms if you’re looking to build your first push notification campaign:

  1. Propeller Ads: This ad platform offers many customizable push notification options across a wide range of audiences, customized based on interests, age, and gender.
  2. Rich Ads: If you want someone to help walk you through the process of using push notifications, Rich Ads may be a good choice for you. They enable you to consult with an expert before and after your campaign launch.
  3. Aampe: If personalization is your goal, there’s no better option than Aampe. They do away with typical segmentation rules (that can keep customers in a box or make them get way too many notifications) in favor of hyper-personalization for them and more conversions for you!

6. Native Ads: Nutra Traffic Generation Secrets

Native advertising enables users to see ads in the same format as the page they’re currently on. For example, a native ad on YouTube for NutriProfits (specifically, the Night Mega Burner) would be a paid video, and it would show up in the feed of recommended videos for people searching for weight loss or exercise content.

Native advertising makes more sense and is typically more effective than ads that don’t contain similar content to what they’re already searching for. Because of this, they’re a fantastic option to consider when it comes to advertising.

Here are some tips on how to create captivating native ad content:

7. Adult Traffic: Tapping into a Profitable Niche

Adult traffic is another consideration, as male enhancement can become a major concern for men over a certain age. The same demographic is typically financially secure, which means that money is not an object for them. NutriProfits offers several adult-oriented offers, and if you are able to tap into this niche, you will likely find success. Member XXL offer is our absolute bestseller in this category.

Here are some ways you can promote adult traffic:


Choosing the right traffic sources is important, as it can draw your audience to you. Experiment with different platforms and ad formats based on your target audience, but don’t spread yourself too thin when you start. It’s far better to do your research, plan appropriately, and choose 1-2 good ad options rather than trying to “scattershot” your advertising sources. With this guide, you should have a solid base to start using NutriProfits - so start now and maximize your earnings!