Fees and Payment

Payments and fees in NutriProfits

Fees are paid on a monthly basis on the third Monday of each month and include transactions from the previous month. Payments are always made on time using a payment method preferred by an affiliate.

How does NutriProfits pay out the fees?

During a registration process, an affiliate can choose a convenient method of fee payment. The following methods are available:

No matter which method you choose, you can be sure that the fee will be paid on time and will include all transactions referred by you.


All offers available in NutriProfits are rewarded with a transaction fee. The fee ranges from 20% to 40% and is paid for each transaction made by a customer who has been referred by the partner.

In addition, you will also earn 10% to 20% on all transactions made by returning customers. If you win a new customer for us, they will be forever associated with your account and whenever the customer returns you will receive another fee for the purchase!

Top partners (earning more than 8000 GBP in fees per month) can count on special offers and preferential partnership conditions!

How does NutriProfits measure sales?

NutriProfits uses its own advanced system for tracking sales promoted by affiliates. It does not matter how you refer a customer to us - you can be sure that the fee for the purchase will always be recorded in your account.

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